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Paul Kraushaar Owner/Operator

Paul Kraushaar has been in the recording business for over thirty years. He obtained his expertise by working with some of the best sound engineers and music producers in the business. Trained in the days of analog tape and later becoming one of the first DAW operators in the country, he has a multitude of experience to draw upon. Paul has mixed for many major artists, both in studio and live sound environments.


In addition to his background as an engineer/producer, Paul is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer and songwriter. He has toured with three major label acts as a live performer and has been in over 50 bands of diverse styles. He began his career as a studio musician and has added various instrumentation to his client's recording projects. Click here to visit our Listening Room to hear some examples.

Paul has a wide range of experience to draw from to craft the sound you're looking for. He is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their vision and have an enjoyable experience throughout every step of the recording process.

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