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PSR Recording Studio is the personal project studio of engineer/producer Paul Kraushaar, located in downtown Grass Valley, California. The studio offers a relaxed and intimate atmosphere that is fully loaded with state-of-the-art equipment. 


The facility is typically used for overdubbing and post production- however, it is also well suited for tracking individual artists or small bands. The space features a control room, main room, drum room or multi-purpose iso room, and an amp iso room. For comfort and convenience, clients also have access to an outdoor deck with shaded seating as well as a restroom and kitchenette. 

To further accommodate your production needs, PSR Recording studio offers an array of professional instruments including a grand piano, vintage drums, amps, classic guitars, electronic keyboards, synths, samplers, drum modules, loop libraries and soft synths.

When a larger studio is required for recording a live band or large ensemble, PSR offers the option of tracking at Ancient Wave Studios in Nevada City, California. Paul has worked as an in-house engineer and producer at AWS for many years. On several projects tracking has been done at AWS and finished off with overdubs and mixing at PSR. Having access to both studios ensures that the artist's needs are met and also helps reduce the cost by using both recording facilites.

Click here to visit Ancient Wave's website:

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Mac Pro / 3.2 GHz Quad Core with 32 gigs of RAM

iMac 27” / 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 with 16 gigs of RAM

Operating systems / Catalina and Mojave

Focusrite AD / DA converters / 16 analog in and outs



Mackie 32x8x2 ( Analog Console )




Neumann TLM 170   

AKG - C414 ( pair )

Audio-Technica - AT4033 ( pair )

Audi-Technica - AT2020  ( pair )

Octava - MC 012-01 ( pair )

Shure -  BG4.1 ( pair )

Sony ECM-56F Vintage ( 1 )



Shure - B-52 ( 1 )

Shure - SM-58 ( 3 )

Shure - Sm-57 ( 4 )


Direct Boxes

ART Tube MP - DI & Mic Pre ( pair )

Stewart Active - DI ( pair )

Radial Pro 1 - passive DI

Golden Age Project R-1 active MKIII ( pair )


Outboard Processors 

Universal Audio LA 610 / tube mic preamp with T4 optical compressor

Outboard Processors

MindPrint / En-Voice input channel strip w/ parametric EQ & Opto tube compressor  ( pair ) 

ART Tube Mic Pre/DI ( pair )

Drawmer - DL441 Quad Compressor ( 1 )

Drawmer - Quad Gate DS-404 ( 1 )

DBX - 166 Dual Compressor ( 1 )

Outboard Effects 

TC Electronic M2000 ( dual engine processor )

Yamaha SPX 990 

Roland SDE 3000 ( delay line )  

Alesis Quadraverb 2

DigiTech GSP 2101 Artist  ( studio tube guitar amp / processor )


Audio Monitors

Logitec 5.1 surround system  w/12" sub ( 500 w power amp )

Klipsch KG4 3 way full range ( 500 w Hafler power amp )

Tannoy Active / bi amped mid field

Audio Monitors

Alesis Monitor Ones w/RA-100 amp

Logitec 5.1 surround system  w/12" sub ( 500 w power amp )

Klipsch KG4 3 way full range ( 500 w Hafler power amp )



Sony MDR-V600 (4)

Sennheiser HD 280 pro (2)

Rane HC 6 / 6 ch headphone amplifier



DAW / Logic Pro 9 X / Massive Waves Plugin collection / Extensive Sample and Loop Library

Pro Tools 12 

Extensive - Native Instruments / Vienna Symphony and Big Fish / Sample Libraries

Kontact & Logic Soft Synths

Large Loop Library

Complete Waves Plugin Collection


Yamaha C5 Grand Piano 6'7"

Yamaha CP70  Acoustic/Electric ( piano )

Yamaha S90es ( 88 weighted key digital workstation )

Yamaha DX7

Yamaha TG77 tone generator

Alesis DM5 drum module



1992 Fender American Stratocaster

1962 Gibson SG

Danelectro 12 string electric

Guild Heritage large body acoustic 6 string

Ibanez SDGR 4 string Bass with active EQ



Ludwig / Vintage 1968 8 piece with DW hardware, Zilgian & Paste cymbals

LP Congas


Assorted hand percussion


Fender Hot Rod Deluxe ( all tube )

Music Man Vintage 65 watt combo

Carvin all tube 30 watt 1-12 combo

Marshall Origin 20 all tube head

Fender Mustang II  w/amp simulation and multi fx


Mac Pro 3.2 GHz Quad Core with 6 gigs of RAM / dual video monitors. 
AD/DA Converter - MOTU 24i/o ( 24 analog ins & outs )
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