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Tracks on Demand

Do you need a live drummer on a track?  How about a hot blues guitar solo? Or a funky bass track?  Maybe an orchestral arrangement for your latest mega creation? 


In this day and age of digital recording, many artists have home recording set-ups to create their own tracks.  Whether you’re working at home or at a commercial studio, our Tracks on Demand Services are a great way of augmenting your recordings.

If you need a live instrument or vocal track for your song to give it that authentic sound, we can supply you with professional studio musicians, professionally tracked and sent to back to you- no matter where you live. 

Our Tracks on Demand Service is aimed on keeping your recording costs down while adding an original, professional live performance to your project.

How it Works:

First, send us your tracks.


With your tracks in hand, we then add the parts you desire and send them back to you individually and/or sub-mixed. Throughout the process, we work closely with you and our amazing group of studio musicians and vocalists to create the style and sound you desire for your song.

The Sky is the Limit


From individual tracks to full scale production, PSR Studios offers it all. 

We can create entire backing tracks for singer/songwriters that don’t have a band but want a full-production sound. 


Have a song in your head but don’t feel you’re the vocalist for the job?  We can cover that too. Both male and female studio vocalists are available for stunning lead vocals on your project. 

PSR Tracks on Demand Services are custom composed and tailored to your specifications. We don’t use other people’s loops or samples, so you fully own the rights to all the original tracks. 

Please contact us for more for more information about this unique service. 

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